Silent Stages

I want to make images to spark viewers to conjure up a story, a tale laced with mystery, alienation and maybe even a touch of evil. I generally start with the background, searching the streets for a suitably dramatic setting. Then, I wait for something to happen, perhaps for players to enter or exit. Sometimes, I arrive too late; the last player has already exited.

Outside In (Woodstock, NY 2016)

Crossroads Motel (Albuquerque 2017)

Rear Entrance (Catskill, NY 2015)

Girl on River Street (Coxsackie, NY 2017)

Determined (2015 Hudson, NY)

Summer Night on Jane St. (Saugerties, NY 2017)

 Smoker & Two Couples (Toronto 2018)

Moving & Storage (Chicago, IL 2017)

Selfie (Istanbul 2016)

Window Washer (NY, NY 2015)